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Get more with your membership

Membership to FIT36 comes with more benefits and perks that will transform your life than your average gym membership. Get the accountability of a personal trainer, regular assessments and progress tracking with Body Composition scans and heart-rate based training! Also includes an additional four fitness classes a month at our Partnering Studio!

Body Scans & Composition Testing

Unlimited FIT3D body scans available with membership plan to track your  progress.

Nutrition Tracking and Planning

Members have access to the custom FIT36 Nutrition app complete with meal plans, recipe guides, and food logging.

Why FIT36?

Functional fitness isn’t only about results — it’s about conditioning your body to function optimally during daily activities, whether that includes lifting your kids, chopping wood or carrying a laundry basket up a set of stairs.

People of any fitness level can participate in FIT36™ sessions. Everyone is encouraged to work to their own level of Intensity and every exercise can be adjusted to accommodate one’s personal ability.


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